Reflections after a long hold on the project.

I’ve been too busy with other projects lately to complete this yet. but I’m going to continue soon.

I think it’s been good to put the project on the shelf for a wile and see what happens in the 3d-printer community.

I recently had a look at the helix printer and i must say that I’m impressed with the quality of the prints.
Bowden extrudes seem to be the way to go for fast prints and quality wise they seem to be up to the task too.

I have some great planetary gears so probably going to make something like the helix cold end solution. I had the idea at first to use multiple bearings and a bigger wheel but nice to see that the concept is working really well. And if doing bowdens i can make a couple of them to have at least two extruders. probably more 🙂 rgb+black and white would be awesome to make full color prints.

I’m going to scrap the idea of supporting multiple filament sizes and just go for 1.75 since prices have dropped significantly. anyone need some 3mm pla filament? 🙂 filament

The idea using ball screws to move the extruder head seem to be the smoothest way of doing it but I’m not sure if I’m going that path since i already have the belts and stuff for it. I’ll probably try with that first and if it sucks then I’ll use screws.

Heated build chamber also have popped up lately and I’m going to look into that too. Since my machine is all metal it’s doable. and building a shell around the machine is nice considering noise and fumes.  a small carbon filter system in the box might be a possibility.

Also looking in to water cool the hot end to save weight and if using a heated chamber a fan won’t cool that much.

I wounder if using a heated chamber could replace a heated bed since its quite large.



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