Started ordering stuff for the 3D Printer

Ah new packet has arrived!

Megatronics 1.0 rev f board
Pololu High current stepper drivers 2.2A
LCD Blue/white 2×20

I think the stepper drivers should be sufficient to drive the steppers that take 2.7A at max.


2 reaktioner på ”Started ordering stuff for the 3D Printer

  1. Hi,
    Your build looks great so far. I am planning on getting the Megatronics board as my controller, what are your first impressions? I also noticed that your stepper drivers where slightly different from the ones I have seen in the past. What are they?
    Many Thanks and good luck.

    1. Hi Harry!

      Thanks 🙂 I hope i can inspire more people to get started.

      The Megatronics board seems fine for most uses. Lots of connectors and expansion possibilities.
      Only things I’ve discovered so far.

      * The stepper drivers i use need an active +5v on !sleep pin. I’ll have to solver a small cable under the board for this. Not a biggie. Older stepper drivers should work fine.

      * Little bit confusing how the board is power-supplied. the schematics is a bit had to follow on the power-side. (Board can only handle 12v if not usb-powered)

      I’m probably going to feed the stepper drivers with ~35-40v. As high as possible to get some speed 🙂

      The stepper boards are polulu high current boards (2.2A)
      you can find them here:


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